It is the responsibility of the host or hostess to offer a respectful and also joyful welcome to the visitor whom they have welcomed to cross their limit. As she continues to be under their roof covering they have the duty of making her comfy. 토토총판 and as pleased as possible. To do this, interest in details is of the greatest repercussion. It is feasible to give dinners, and musicals, as well as functions for a visitor, and to present her to a choice circle of buddies; to plan drives and excursions for sight-seeing to sights.

To draw out the very best preserves from the store-room.

And place on the table all the specials of the season. Also yet something may be doing not have. A subtle expression of discomfort might sometimes shadow the face of the visitor, and also significantly disrupt the anxious hostess, who enhances her initiatives to think of another thing in the means of home entertainment and diversion. If this well-meaning hostess will certainly accompany me to the guest-room while its short-lived resident reads on the “front porch,” probably I can point out to her some points that will give a clue to the enigma.

The guest-room is large as well as airy, and “well-furnished,” as the phrase goes, with a soft rug prevailingly blue, and a beautifully carved oaken “collection.” The bed is covered with a lace counterpane over a blue silk quilt, and downy cushions welcome to rest. Curtains of blue silk and white lace are curtained at the home windows; paddings, tidies, sachets, gimcracks of every description lots the bureau, and lie around in profusion; a pretty rug of fluffy hair is spread prior to a comfy couch, as well as a rocking-chair and also foot-stool is in the comfy home window recess.

A tiny table with a flower holder of flowers upon it inhabits one room versus the wall. The wash-stand bears the law “bathroom set,” dish and bottle, soap-dish, etc., with the china jar set in the corner. Lots of damask towels hold on the rack, as well as the “splasher” is a wonder of needlework. Well, is not this a rather comfortable space?

It appears ungracious to respond to nay; yet fact urges me to say that it proves to be a most _ un_comfortable room, as handled. Considering that the guest showed up, this three-quart pitcher has actually been loaded each early morning with cold water. Beyond this, no offer of the liquid component in any type has been made. The guest, accustomed at home to a wealth of warm water, as well as the deluxe of a bath daily– or oftener, at will– has actually been suffering the greatest privation instead of difficulty her person hosting with a request for something which is so obviously not thought of in this home.

With soap that “lads”

A tight nail-brush she has actually painfully rubbed her chilly knuckles to eliminate the gunk which a number of days of incomplete ablution have provided almost stationary– other than as the skin comes with it. And regarding her customary bathroom, she has replaced so much of rash sponging as babbling teeth will permit, finishing off with a completely dry polish when vigilance prohibits additional threat of a cool; and also she has actually finished her bathroom with a sense of self-disgust.

Discontentment with her surroundings that makes her long for the day established for the discontinuation of this, browses through, which may have been so pleasurable if she had actually been made literally comfy. When she goes home she will certainly respond, to the kind questions of her mommy: “Oh! of course; I had a charming time!– or that is, I must have had, so I might have had a bath!”